Sabine MOKBEL Speech and Language Therapist

About Me

Sabine holds a Bachelor degree in Speech and Language Therapy from the Lebanese University, Beirut -Lebanon. She is a member of the Lebanese Association of Speech and Language Therapists (ALO, Association Libanaise des Orthophonistes) and the Emirates Speech and Language Pathology Society operating under the Emirates Medical Association.

Sabine has been in private practice where she worked with individuals presenting Language delays and disorders, fluency disorders, communication disorders, dyslexia and learning disabilities, individuals with cerebral palsy and brain injuries. 

Sabine provides assessments and therapy sessions in Arabic, English and French to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults. She also gives parental guidance.

Sabine is certified in It Takes Two to Talk® Program, HANEN, English and Arabic MAKATON and The Autistic Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS).

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054 447 55 10 / 02 446 3372

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