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You can contact us via phone or email to book an appointment or you can do it yourself via our online booking service. We will be happy to assist you and we will do our best to accommodate you in the shortest time possible.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill a registration form providing information regarding the beneficiary’s developmental history as well as your concerns.

Registration should not take more than 15 minutes.

In case you were receiving similar services previously, you will be asked to share with us the related reports to proceed accordingly.

Because we believe in the family’s engagement in their child’s development and growth, the first session is always spent with the child and both parents (if applicable).

The purpose of the meeting with the Psychologist is to get familiar with the center’s process.

It also aims at discussing the provided information and gaining further insight into the presenting concerns and needs, based on which you will be redirected to the relevant specialist(s) for further assessment.

*If you request a specific service, you will be directly scheduled with the relevant specialist.

The intake meeting will typically take 30 minutes.

During your child’s initial assessment, the therapists will explain their role and areas of expertise. Informal and/or formal assessment tools will be used to assess your child’s current level of functioning, evaluate several areas of development and identify strengths and needs.

*Your child might require a multidisciplinary assessment conducted by several members of the team depending on needs.

If your child has been seen by other professionals, it will be beneficial to bring the reports to allow a better understanding of his/her development and related concerns. With your consent, our team will collaborate with other stakeholders such as doctors, specialists, teachers etc. to reach the best results in the shortest time.

The initial assessment will typically take 2 to 3 hours per specialist split over several sessions at the end of which the beneficiary will be provided with a comprehensive report within 2 weeks following the last session of assessment.

The specialist(s) will meet with you to discuss the assessment outcomes based on which a thorough Individualized Plan will be developed, detailing objectives, targets and ways to achieve these goals.


If therapy is indicated, sessions will be scheduled on a regular basis at the specialist(s)’ discretion depending on availability and expertise. We will do our best to accommodate you in the shortest time.

Adopting a holistic view of the beneficiary, our team members might make referrals to other providers if needed. 


We strongly believe that parents are experts in their child’s development and that their role is essential to reach targets optimally. Hence, practical tips, strategies and recommendations will be tailored to their child’s needs to promote progress if applied in daily life activities at home and school.

Systematic and periodic monitoring of outcomes and progress is crucial for determining the effects of the intervention and providing quality information to therapists who will adjust the beneficiary’s Individualized Plan based on status and progress. It will also help us decide whether therapy is still indicated or should be terminated.


*Our team remains at your disposal for any inquiry!