Wonderful Minds for Rehabilitation and Training LLC is a multidisciplinary center committed to provide collaborative services including consultancy, assessments, therapy sessions and workshops.

Our psychologists, special educators, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists support babies, children and youth from birth till 20 years of age as well as their families in a stimulating, engaging, and safe environment. All of the programs and services are evidence based practices that emphasize an individualized approach with the target of preparing People of Determination and individuals with difficulties to transition into their communities and lead successful lives.

Healthcare Center


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Immediate Center


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Diagnostic Center

Core Values

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We spend our lives caring about our families, and trying to provide the best we can. Life without challenges is boring, while living with constant challenges is heroic. Even superheroes are challenged through their loved ones! They become incapacitated when someone dear to them is threatened.

Like any loving parents, we were concerned for the success of our children. We scoured through every school - private, public, and other alternatives. We needed to find the best place to prepare our children for the future, but the options were far from ideal. We were searching for hope, for a reassuring voice to tell us that there would be a way.

We were definitely determined and we thought we were strong. However, when it came to our own children, we felt very vulnerable and lost. We were suffering. We did not know who to believe, where to go, and what to do. We felt helpless, and hopeless about the future. Moving past this was the real struggle.

Through this experience, Wonderful Minds has emerged to stand by those families who are seeking professional, scientific and evidence based support for their children in a caring and safe environment.

At Wonderful Minds, we provide the necessary resources and services to ensure children can be successful in their lives – no matter how success looks like for each one of them. Our purpose is to give children and parents the support we wish we had years ago.

Families experience challenges every day, and parents are called to be heroes for their children. Similarly, when our children work hard and use resources to make progress - they become heroes just like their parents.


That’s why… Despite our challenges we are all so WONDERFUL.



Founder - Wonderful Minds