Maria BCHARA Occupational Therapist

About Me

Maria holds a master’s degree in psychomotor therapy from Saint Joseph University (USJ) in Lebanon, along with Family coaching certification from the Family Coaching Institute of Nancy Doyon in Québec, Canada.

She is an active member of Stems Clinic, an online platform that provides guidance and tips for parents and teachers, with a multidisciplinary team in Lebanon. She provides assessment, therapy, professional trainings and Workshops in English, French and Arabic.

Throughout her professional career, Maria always aims to offer her beneficiaries efficient evidence- based services and provide them with a global and holistic therapy plan.Moreover, handwriting skills have always been her area of interest which she chose for her bachelor and masters research which led her to spend time in a handwriting skills laboratory in France.

Maria’s other interests are traveling, camping and discovering new places. As challenging as it can be for some to find their uniqueness, Maria is always there to guide and offer them the best support to reach the best version of themselves and shine in their own lives.

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054 447 55 10 / 02 446 3372

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