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Enable people of determination and people with difficulties and disabilities to be the best versions of themselves.


We aim to provide holistic and evidence based services to enable people of determination to:
– Achieve independence
– Maximize potential
– Integrate into the wider community
– Attain better quality of life

Core Values

● Caring and safe environment
● Individualized based approach
● Focus on abilities rather than disabilities
● Communication on a regular basis with parents
● Continuous improvement of team’s skills and services

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Reception  (Information about our services)
Registration and Intake (This is where you do all the paperwork)
• Meeting with the Specialist (Case history session for understanding your child better, and determine the need for further areas of assessment)
Assessment (To evaluate your child’s current level of functioning)
Report discussion (Understanding where your child stands now, and orient all stakeholders on plan of action, what to expect and what is their role in the process of your child’s growth)
Referrals (If there is a need for medical intervention, parents will be guided to seek help of specialists outside the center)
Individualized Education Plan (IEP) (Stating the goals, objectives and procedures, and readjusting goals with time, as per the child’s level of performance)
Therapeutic Support (Provided in individual setting, depending on the child’s needs and goals. Parents will be kept up to date about their child’s intervention and progress on a regular basis)
Regular Monitoring of Progress (Assess the achievement of goals on a regular basis)

Meet Our Team

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Manager & Clinical Psychologist (M.A., M.Phil.)

Bhakti is a Clinical Psychologist, Child Development Specialist and Inclusive Educator. She is a registered practitioner with the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). She has done her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioural Health and Allied Sciences, and her Masters in Clinical Psychology from SNDT University, India. She has been working in this field for the past 10 years and has worked with varied setups like Psychiatric Departments, Child Development Clinics, Mental Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Non Profit Organizations, Schools, Colleges and Corporations. She is very passionate to make a difference and has been a catalyst in enhancing the wellbeing of more than 80,000 people in this short span of time. Her passion in life is to bring passion, empathy, innovation and excellence in everything that she does, and enable others to do the same.


Psychomotor Therapist (M.A.)

Sara is a Psychomotor therapist specialized in working with children. She has a master's degree in Psychomotor therapy from Saint Joseph University of Beirut and has been working for 6 years. She has worked in schools and centers for people of determination and managed her own clinic. She was the manager of a vocational workshop for special needs teenagers. She is passionate about reading, painting and crossfit.


Speech and Language Therapist (B.A)

Caline is an experienced Speech and Language therapist specialized in Language Disorders, Articulation, Learning Disabilities, Early Intervention and Parental Guidance based on the Systemic Approach. She has a degree in Speech and Language Therapy from Saint Joseph University (USJ) Faculty of Medicine - Beirut, Lebanon. She has an ongoing specialty in Family Therapy certified by both Le Lien Systémique - Lebanon and the Institut de Formation et d’Application des Thérapies de la Communication (IFATC) - France. She has been providing care and support to people of determination for the past 16 years through services in French, Arabic & English. She is an active member of the Lebanese Speech and Language Therapists Association. Caline is also the proud mom of two young boys with whom she shares her love for music and her passion for books.


Special Educator (B.A.)

Jihane is a special educator with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Lebanese University. She is also a trained practitioner in Applied Behavior Analysis. She has been working with people of determination for the past 5 years. She has worked as a special educator and ABA therapist for learning difficulties, mental disabilities and autistic children. She is passionate about being outdoors and exploring the world around her by hiking.


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