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● Cognitive Assessment (IQ)
● Developmental Assessment (DQ)
● Assessment for Academic Achievement
● Evaluation for Autism and ADHD
● Projective Testing
● Social – Emotional Assessment
● Behavioral Evaluation
● Psychomotor/ occupational Evaluation
● Speech and Language Evaluation

Behavioral Modification (GREEN)

Behavior Modification program works towards modifying the undesirable behaviors that create barriers in the child’s development and life in general. We do this by creating a tailor made program for each child keeping his/her specific needs in mind. We also work very closely with parents to achieve these goals.

Special Education Consulting and Teaching Services (YELLOW)

Special education focuses on providing child centric educational opportunities for beneficiaries with Intellectual Impairment and Autism by taking into consideration their individual specific needs and goals through Individualized Educational Plan.
Special Education focuses on:
● Customized instructions for Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Spelling
● Experiential Learning
● Sensory Approach
● Adapted methods and materials
● Functional Skills
● Social and Self Help Skills
● Exploratory, Structured and Interactive Play

Occupational Therapy / Psychomotor Therapy (BLUE)

Occupational Therapy / Psychomotor Therapy is based on a holistic view of the human being. This view is drawn from the interaction between physical activity and the mind. The main purpose of psychomotor therapy is to demonstrate how goal-directed movement situations can have a positive psychological effect, on not only physical skills but also cognitive, perceptual, affective and behavioral functioning.
Occupational Therapy/Psychomotor Therapy focuses on:
● Gross motor skills
● Fine motor skills
● Sensory processing
● Cognitive abilities: attention, memory, planning and problem solving, visual analysis
● Space and time concepts
● Hand writing skills
● Daily living skills

Speech and Language Therapy: (ORANGE)

Speech and language therapy is a practice to diagnose and treat speech disorders related not only to speaking, stuttering, pronunciation or voice. Language-related difficulties can include concerns about vocabulary, grammar, comprehension discourse and social-emotional expression.
Speech and language therapy focuses on:
● Written and Oral Language
● Social communication
● Articulation
● Voice
● Fluency

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