Is Wonderful Minds a school for Children of Determination?
No, Wonderful Minds is a center specialized in providing individualized and child specific assessments and therapy sessions for People of Determination in the age range of 4-20 years. We do not operate as a school. Children going to all schools, inclusive schools, special schools, or who are being home schooled or not attending school can visit our center for individualized therapeutic services.
When is Wonderful Minds open?
Wonderful Minds is open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. We are closed on Friday. It is recommended to take prior appointment before visiting the center.
Do you prescribe medication?
No, we do not prescribe medication. However, if we feel an absolute need for the same, we do refer you to our trusted circle of associated Psychiatrists.
How many sessions does my child attend per week?
Post the assessment report discussion, based on the findings of the assessment and the information gathered, the number of sessions are recommended to you by our therapist. The frequency of the sessions may vary depending on your child’s need.
Will I get help on how to work with my child at home?
Yes, we believe that working with parents is equally, if not more important than working with the child. To begin with, we provide a list of recommendations for parents to enable them meet goals at home. The therapist and parents work as a team to bring about change. The therapist will guide the parents on how to work with the child, and also demonstrate a few examples if need be, in our observation room. If parents face any difficulties, time is set aside specifically to guide them. Also, child specific behavioral charts, checklists, and activities are provided for the child to be done at home to bring about sustainable change.
What is a Card for People of Determination?
Card of people of determination is a personal card issued by Ministry of Community Development to People of Determination. It is considered to be an official document indicating that the holder is disabled to ensure the rights and services established in the Federal Persons with Disabilities Law No. 29 of 2006 and the regulations and decisions issued in implementation thereof.
Does Wonderful Minds provide cards for People of Determination?
Wonderful Minds does not provide cards for People of Determination. The card is provided by the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD). However, to apply for this card, there is need for a psychological report from an official authority accredited with the ministry that supports the existence of disability. We at Wonderful Minds provide this report, which will help you apply for the card.
Are residents of the UAE eligible to apply for obtaining the cards of People of Determination?
Yes, the resident of the UAE are eligible to apply for obtaining the cards of People of Determination.
If I am worried about my child, but I am not sure if there is a concern, can I still visit you?
Of course, in fact, it is recommended and encouraged that you see a therapist in case of any doubts. If there is nothing to worry about, the therapist will examine your child and let you know, so that you can have peace of mind. And if there is indeed a concern, the earlier it is detected, and treated, the better is the outcome.

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